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Hill High to Dirt Farm Ride - May 23, 2021
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This ride included a new destination, Hill High, and an old favorite, Dirt Farm Brewing, which we visted for Ladies Day Brunch way back in 2015.

We met up at Paeonian Springs, a little west of Leesburg, Virginia.

“We” included: Bruce Lefever, Tony Greenfield, Danny Burns and Robin, Shane Neitzey, George Ogden, Rollo Hardy, and Dave Hennessey.

We took an hour's ride through some beautiful country roads. Our lackluster ride leader managed to find one gravel road, and gales of grumbling ensued. Less than a mile later, we were back on pavement, and happiness happened again.

Our next stop was Hill High, formerly an apple orchard processing facility. Now it has art galleries, a winery outlet, and More Better, an indoor/outdoor restaurant and beer garden.

John and Kerry Wysong, and Uwe Rumohr met us there.

Next stop was Dirt Farm Brewing, which is at the top of a very high hill. Their driveway was gravel the last time we were there, but nicely asphalted now. Dave led the charge up the hill, but rolled off the throttle to read a new road sign. When he rolled back on, the eXcellent XLCH did a 90° turn in the horizontal direction, followed by a 90° turn in the vertical direction.

His bike was running at full throttle and spewing oil while Dave lay on the pavement a few feet away. Dave managed to crawl over and turn the ignition switch, just as the last few ounces of oil exited the oil tank and ran down the hill.

Fortunately, no damage was done to the motor, and the bike (and Dave) suffered but minor maladies. This, however, put a damper on the festivities, and we regrouped and headed for home.

Good Friends, Good Roads, Iron Steeds