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Sock Wash - February 21, 2021
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Matthew Mountz, an AMCA member living somewhere around here, asked what we do at our Sock Washes. I told him “We work on motorcycle projects, eat pizza, drink beer, and yak”. He said “I can't bring my motorcycle, but would it be OK if I joined you to “eat pizza, drink beer, and yak?”

We* welcomed two new members to our Chapter - Larry Kersten and Bruce Lefever. We also invited two prospective members - Matthew Mountz, about whom you have already read, and David Cooper, who decided to bring his newly acquired 1952 WL on a trailer for us to gawk at.

*We included: Bob Nicholas, Tim O'Hara, Eric Chiapponi, Sue Greer and Don Hollis, Joe Earman, Juan Sakata, Shane Neitzy, Danny Burns and Robin, Dave Hennessey, and our gracious host, Bill Lackman.

We “commented” on David's 1952 WL, as requested. We found a few innovations, but the bike is in rather nice shape. We helped David get it started - on one cylinder - and then found the rear coil wire barely inserted into the coil. An hour's work should get it purring. We're expecting to see David and his underhead valve motorcycle on Chapter rides this spring.

Parting Shots

Good Friends, Good Roads, Iron Steeds