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Sock Wash - February 9, 2020
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Annual Sock Wash at Lackman's Laundry

The Washers of Socks included: Shane & Val Neitzy, Uwe Ruhmohr, Don Hollis and Sue Greer, Bob Nicholas, Dan Carlson, John Oein, Justin Fulcher, Tony Greenfield, Craig Williams, Joe Earman, Juan Sakata, Rollo Hardy, Tim O'Hara, George Ogden, Bill Lackman, and Dave Hennessey.

The first item that needed repair was the coffee machine. Dave not only failed to fix it, he had tremendous trouble just understanding the concepts. Fortunately, Sue was able to effect an Intercession, and a dark, flavored, caffeinated beverage eventually emerged.

Juan did a little better, after some instruction.

Tony brought some ring-ding thing-a-ma-jig, but we fixed it anyway

Dan administered anesthesia with the big orange dead-blow.

We don't know how this happened.


Val's Trifecta paid off - Sausage, Pepperoni and Cheese.

Words Fail Us

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