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Freeze Your Butt Off - November 23, 2019
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Only one butt was frozen at this year's FYBO, and that butt belonged to Tony Greenfield. After perusal of Bill Potter's Motorcycle Mausoleum and Hot Rod Factory, we headed off to Lahinch Tavern and Grill for lunch.

This was the first time many of had met Braxton Fulcher. Young Master Fulcher is not only the youngest member of our chapter, he is also the proud owner of a 1973 Indian MM5a.

Chapter members with functioning nerve endings included: Tom Hardy, Craig Williams, Joe Earman, Uwe Ruhmor, Tim O'Hara, Shane Neitzey, Bill Lackman, Bob Nicholas, Justin, Melissa, and Braxton Fulcher, Dan Carlson, Danny Burns and Robin, Bill Potter and Patricia, and Dave Hennessey

Lunch was at LaHinch Tavern and Grill in Potomac. Parking for Lahinch was total madness, as about 4 acres of the Cabin John Village shopping center's parking lot is now being turned into condominiums. Those of us who live in the country know why.
Parting Shot
Good Friends, Good Roads, Iron Steeds