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Two Mile Ride - October 13, 2019
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The Two Mile Ride starts at New Baltimore Garage, George Downes' heavy truck facility, and ends at Dave Hennessey's house, a scant two miles away. Dave moved this year, but for Historic and Folkloric reasons, we will continue to refer to it as the Two Mile Ride.

Although Dave usually gets lost finding his own house, this year, King Tronsegaard was the one getting lost. His antique BMW with sidecar had trouble navigating the farm field around the VORTAC. The rest of the group was many miles away in Amissville when we realized we had lost King. So we doubled back, found King, cut short our ride, and headed back to Dave's house. We arrived just as Dave's neighbors, John and Susan, arrived bearing the pulled pork barbeque feasting materials.

The riders and feasters were King Troensegaard, Danny Burns and Robin, George Ogden, Tom Hardy, Uwe Rumohr, Bill Potter and Patricia, Robin and Rebecca Borum, Juan Sakata, Shane Neitzey, Tim O'Hara, Don Hollis, Dave Hennessey, and a very special guest, Alan Goldman.

Our ride included a “Ring Around The VORTAC”, which looks like a Project Mercury capsule that crash landed on a hill near Dave's house in Warrenton, Virginia.

Actually, it's a combination of a VOR (Very High Frequency Omni-Directional Range), a radio beacon used for civilian aircraft navigation; and a TACAN (TACtical Air Navigation system), a similar thing used by military aircraft.

Prudently, we rode our motorcycles around the outside of the fence.

Two Hours Later...

Parting Shot

Good Friends, Good Roads, Iron Steeds