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Potter's Field - July 8, 2019
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Disaster struck Bill Potter's home on July 8 - those flash flood warnings were real !

The Hot Rod Factory and Motorcycle Mausoleum, the site of our annual Freeze Your Butt Off Ride narrowly escaped injury. The water rose up the foundation to just 16 inches below the floor line.

Unfortunately, the container out back did not fare so well - it was washed off its foundation and deposited on its side about 100 feet away. The four motorcycles and two sidecars inside suffered some damage. The car and cycle parts on the shelves were depositied on the floor. Water entered and turned all the paper goods into papier-mâché.

Bill says torrents of water came onto this property from several directions, and the water rose incredibly fast. It also receded incredibly fast - the flood came and went in an eight-hour period. However, Potter's field is now a great dismal swamp that won't dry out for a month.

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