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Sock Wash - February 16, 2019
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The Sock Wash is our annual workshop day. One or two of us do some actual work, while the rest of us stand around and supervise, drink beer, eat pizza, and tell tall tales. Amazingly, some work actually gets done.

Actual work?

The washers of socks included Justin Fulcher, Bob Nicholas, Tom Hardy, Dan Carlson, Craig Williams, Juan Sakata, Mike Groves, Don Hollis, George Ogden, Tony Greenfield , Bill Lackman, Bill Potter, Tim O'Hara, Uwe Ruhmohr, Steve Geissler, Robin Borum, Shane and Val Neitzey, Dave Hennessey,
and Laundomat Proprietor extraordinaire Bill Lackman.


The Highlands Chapter is a 501(c)(7) Fraternal Organization.
In accordance with IRS regulations, we fraternize.
We do this well.

Love Your Tillotson

Bob's 1966 Sportster XLCH's gas mileage had fallen from mpg to gpm. Something had to be done. Robin agreed to tame the universally beloved, but certifiably cantankerous, Tillotson carburator. Did he succeed? We haven't heard from Bob in several weeks, so he might be still be out on I-95, pushing his bike to the next gas station.

Over In Indian Territory

Normally a simple feat, installing the Chief engine into the frame required about 7.2 man-years of effort. No wonder Indian went out of business.

Back To Wacky

The Highlands Chapter is normally wacky. Sometimes abnormally.

Workshop Heros

Workshop Hero sent us a pile of promotional products. Dave divided one 14 fl oz bottle of Rust Remover Concentrate into fourteen 1 fl oz bottles. Several handfuls of Rust Remover Gel were distributed. Don scarfed the spray bottle of Dry Coat preventer.
Hopefully, our heros will report back on product efficacy.

Parting Shot

Good Friends, Good Roads, Iron Steeds