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Two Mile Ride - October 20, 2018
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Our annual Two Mile Ride tests our ability to go nowhere in a hurry, by taking the longest route between two points. After a delicious and nutritious doughnut breakfast at New Baltimore Garage, we followed our fearless leader to the Hennessey's home, two miles away, where a burger and beer fest was promised for the weary travellers.

Unfortunately, Dave appears to have no conception of where his own house is. After several hours of aimless wandering, Dave made a wrong turn, and pulled into his own driveway. The procession of antique motorcycles blindly followed.

Our rides often pass by some strange U.S. Government facilities. The facility du jour is the Marine Corps Base Quantico, which occupies 55,000 acres, and has 33 firing ranges, for small arms up to 155 mm HE projectiles. It's also the home of the FBI Academy, FBI Laboratory, Defense Intelligence Agency, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Army and Air Force CIDs, Drug Enforcement Administration Academy, and the DEA Clandestine Laboratory Center. Who knows what else lurks in there?

We met at New Baltimore Garage in Warrenton, where Grungemaster George Downes provided coffee and the dozen delicious doughnuts which we devoured.

“We” being: Tom Hardy, Michael Groves, Don Hollis, Craig Williams, Juan Sakata, King Troensegaard, the seldom seen, but always welcome Uwe Rumohr, new recruits Robin and Rebecca Borum, and Dave Hennessey.

We had a plesant ride through the more rural areas of Fauquier (Faw-keer) county, a slice of Stafford county, and along the eastern perimeter of Marine Corps Base Quantico. We were headed back through Prince William county when disaster struck, in the form of a broken clutch cable on Juan's Panhead.

The group was stranded in the parking lot of Victory Baptist Church near Nokesville. Fortunately Juan was carrying a spare cable (and why was that?), but installation proved problematic. Most of the group waited patiently, but the fearless ride leader reconnoitered our forward path, only to find a stopped railroad train blocking all the roads in and out of Nokesville, and traffic snarled for miles.

By the time Juan's Pan was fixed, the train had been fixed, and we had a pleasant ride back to our destination.

The Two Mile Ride culminated at Dave and Jennifer's home where Broad Run Brewing's taps were flowing, and Jennifer's Kitchen served a steady stream of hot Italian dishes.

All too soon the day was over, and we headed for home.

Good Friends, Good Roads, Iron Steeds