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Swimming Shortcut Ride - July 8, 2018
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We again attempted the Swimming Shortcut Ride. We planned this two years ago, but cancelled due to cold weather.

Enterprising riders were to have taken the Swimming Shortcut, fording Beaverdam Creek, and slackers were to have taken the longcut – to meet up at Philomont General Store, where we enjoyed a sandwich and a soft drink.

But God warn't willin' and the creek done rose.

So we added a big loop to the ride, through Purcellville and Bluemont, had a sandwich and a soft drink at Philomont, and ended up at Quattro Goomba's Brewery / Winery for a 70-Weight libation.

This month's riders were: George Ogden, Matt Pauly, Craig Williams, Michael McCoy, Adam Cichon and Tammy Richardson, Bill Lackman, Juan Sakata, Mike “Wuss” Mueller and Dave Hennessey

On the road to our final stop, Dave experienced a sudden oil-soaking of his right foot. A quick flick of the kill button prevented any serious damage. Wuss's MedEvac unit flew the Henderson to the local Intensive Care Unit, where the chief mechanic diagnosed a crack in the line to the oil pressure gauge. The prognosis for the patient is good.

The remaining riders completed the mission to enjoy a libation at Quattro Goombas' Brewery. QGB is a brewery and winery with a huge park-like outdoor area with tents, tables and chairs for revelers to enjoy their libations on a sunny afternoon.

With the Chapter's oil-soaked photographer out-of-commission, we have to fall back to some photos of Quattro Goombas' found on the Internet.

Good Friends, Good Roads, Iron Steeds