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Two Mile Ride - October 21, 2017
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Our annual Two Mile Ride tests our ability to go nowhere in a hurry, by taking the longest route between two points. After a delicious and nutritious doughnut breakfast at New Baltimore Garage, we followed our fearless leader to the Hennessey's home, two miles away, where a burger and beer fest was promised for the weary travellers.

Unfortunately, Dave appears to have no conception of where his own house is. After several hours of aimless wandering, Dave made a wrong turn, and pulled into his own driveway. The procession of antique motorcycles blindly followed.

We met at New Baltimore Garage in Warrenton, where Grungemaster George Downes provided the dozen delicious doughnuts which we devoured.
“We” being: Tom Hardy, Mike Mueller, Don Hollis and Sue Greer, Bill Lackman, Bob Nicholas, Bill Potter, Danny Burns, the seldom seen, but always welcome Uwe Rumohr, and Dave and Jennifer Hennessey.
The Two Mile Ride is an annual event, which just happens to coincide with the anniversary of Dave's birth. Did Dave get a birthday cake? No. Did Dave get birthday presents? No.
Dave grilled up cheeseburgers and provided cold malt beverages to the crowd. Did anyone bother to take photos of Dave? No. But Jennifer's side dishes were rewarded with lots of photos. This is an egregious example of cuteness discrimination.
Most of us have never tasted a Pomegranate or a Persimmon.
Hostess Jennifer enticed the boys out to the orchard to help pick 'em fresh.
When the fun was over, everyone mounted up and headed for home.
Our ride took us through three counties
Good Friends, Good Roads, Iron Steeds