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Rivah Ride - August 11-13, 2017
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No. 129, Orig. Argued October 7, 2003–Decided December 9, 2003
Excerpts from the Syllabus

“Maryland and Virginia have long disputed control of the Potomac River. Of particular relevance here, Article Seventh of the 1785 Compact between those States...”

“Because the 1785 Compact did not determine the boundary line between the two States, they submitted that question to an arbitration panel, which ultimately [102 years later] issued a binding award (hereinafter Black-Jenkins Award) placing the boundary at the low-water mark on the River’s Virginia shore.”

The Highlands Chapter decided to investigate the practical aspects of the Black-Jenkins Award by visiting Coles Point Tavern.

The Tavern's parking lot is in Virginia, but the Tavern itself is in Maryland.

Bob Enjoys His Riparian Rights

Back on shore, we enjoyed some fun and games

We Rode Motorcycles

Everyone was busy yakking on Friday afternoon, so Dave took a solo ride to nearby Callao. Not to be outdone, Bob, Wuss and Don rode to dinner at Coles Point.

On Saturday, we rode around Northumberland and Westmoreland counties, stopping for lunch in Montross, Virginia. Montross is a cute little town resplendent with murals, a few of which you can see here.

Bob's WonderBarn

Bob's barn provided not only a warm dry sleeping place for our motorcycles, but also a wonderland to explore. And explore we did. General George trued up Don's WLC wheel in preparation for next year's Race Of Gentlemen.

The Feast

Bob and Dana Nicholas prepared a magnificent feast for Saturday night

Highlands members Mike and Lyn Mueller, Tom Hardy, Don Hollis and Sue Greer, George Ogden, Bill Potter, and Dave Hennessey were joined by neighbors Justin and Melissa, and Roger and Jeannie, to enjoy this sumptious meal.

Parting Shot

Good Friends, Good Roads, Iron Steeds