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Annual Sock Wash – March 5, 2017

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This year's Sock Wash was held at Bill Lackman's massive workshop in Berryville.

Members: Bill Lackman, George Downes, Tom Hardy, Juan Sakata, Craig Williams, Joe Earman, King Troensegaard, Matt Pauly, Don Hollis, Tim O'Hara, Tony Greenfield, and Dave Hennessey.

Guests: Justin Fulcher, Dandridge, and BigGuy.

Reviving Justin's Indian Chief

Justin Fulcher's father gave his son his 1953 Indian Chief "80" when his son turned 18. But his son didn't do anything with it for a dozen years, until Dad passed away. Suddenly, the son found the impetus to get the old Chief running. By the time he brought it to the Highlands' Sock Wash, most of the hard work had already been done. All the “experts” needed to do were to set the timing and adjust the carburator.

Justin's leg was giving him some trouble, so he recruited his friend Dandridge to do the kicking. It wasn't long before the Highlands boys had the Chief ready to go. Dandridge kicked a few times, and the Chief roared to life. A little smoke, but after a few trips around the block, the Chief was running smoothly, and Justin's grin spread from ear to ear...

Welding An Indian Chief

Justin's skill in the auto body trade came in handy - he was able to pay back for the work on his dad's Chief by welding up a gas tank mount on Bill Lackman's Chief. Wampum good stuff...

The work force got hungry.
Four huge pizzas were delivered – and devoured.
Cold malt beverages were consumed.
Serious Business in the Machine Shop
Meanwhile, in the Buffing and Polishing Department
Over in the Housewares Department,
no one quite figured out how to operate this machine.