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Annual Road Run - Elkins WV

June 16-19, 2016

This year's Chapter Road Run was based in Elkins, West Virginia. The festivities were slightly marred by breakdowns. On Friday, Bob Nicholas' Triumph was beset with throttle cable problems. After searching for hours, we finally found an old motorcycle shop who fixed the problem the old-fashioned way, but it took all afternoon. Then on Saturday, the two oldest bikes on the run suffered catastrophic failures. Dave Hennessey's 1930 Henderson magneto armature died after 85 years of reliable service. Then Tony Greenfield's 1942 Indian 841 sufferend a charging system failure. Tony was able to limp along for a large part of the day, but the 841 ended up sharing the coveted sweep truck spot with the Henderson.

This year's Road Run participants included Don Hollis and Sue, Bob and Dana Nicholas, Tom Hardy, Mike Mueller, Tony Greenfield, and Dave Hennessey.

Despite the setbacks, we enjoyed our time away from home, playing with our old motorcycles. And we made some memories that will last through the rest of our lives. Twenty years from now, we probably won't be riding, but we can recall the good times we had twenty years ago when we did. So now is the the time to make those memories - and make those memories we did.

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Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds