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Sock Wash – 2016

The 2016 Sock Wash was held at Bill Lackman's very well-equipped shop next to his home in Berryville, Virginia. The purpose was to assemble Tony Greenfield's pile of parts into a 1947 Indian Chief.

Tony Greenfield, Tom Hardy, George Downes, Peter Knick, Juan Sakata, Bill Potter, George Ogden, Mike Mueller, Tim O'Hara, Bob Nicholas, King Troensegaard, Bill Lackman, and Dave Hennessey constituted the work detail.

The workers seemed to be working at cross-purposes - one worker would install a fender, then a different worker would remove the fender, then the first worker would re-install the fender. This was not due to lack of adult supervision - during most of the proceedings, there were eleven supervisors and, at most, two workers. Liberal application of pizza and beer did little to alleviate the situation.

Despite all odds, Tony's pile of parts turned into a rolling motorcycle by the end of the day.

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Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds