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Christmas Party – 2015

The 2015 Christmas Party was held at P.J. Skidoo's in Fairfax.  PJ's has a great party room, always treats us well, and is centrally located, so we've held our Christmas dinner there several times in the past.

This year's attendees were Craig and Mandy Williams, Steve Geisler, Tom Hardy, Tony Greenfield, Gabby and Lori Whetzel, Juan Sakata, Bill Potter, George and Nancy Ogden, Mike and Lyn Mueller, Rob White, Bob and Dana Nicholas, Joe and Tina Earman, Don and Susan Hollis, Mike Wheeler and friend, Matt Pauly, and Dave and Jennifer Hennessey.

Your inept photographer's brain went into underdrive (possibly by the partaking of too many potables?), and fouled up his camera settings. Photoshop came to the rescue, but only half of the photos were printable. The surviving, but less than stellar, results may be seen herein.

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Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds