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Freeze Your Butt Off – 2015

For the 2015 FYBO Ride, the Virginia boys ventured across the Potomac river, and invaded a Yankee stronghold - Bill Potter's Antique Motorcycle Museum, Hot Rod Factory, and Rust Repository in Bethesda, Maryland.

Steve Geisler, Tony Greenfield, Tom Hardy, George Downes, Gabby Whetzel, Juan Sakata, Bill Potter, George Ogden, Mike Mueller, Tim O'Hara, Bob Nicholas, and Dave Hennessey thought they had captured the Yankee's stockpile of distilled spirits, but alas, it had been raided many years earlier, and only empty bottles remained..

Rust, however, never sleeps, and the Southerners found the ferric oxide remains of many carriages and wagons the Yankees had abandoned and left scattered about during their northward retreat.

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We mounted our iron horses, and attacked the Yankee capital of Washington, D.C. We couldn't find anything to plunder, so we headed back, stopping briefly in the Potomac Palisaides area, where we could gaze wistfully at Dixieland across the river.

We stopped at Trav's, a rowdy old watering hole, but found it had been renamed “The Irish Inn At Glen Echo”. We swilled a few Guinnesses while chewing on some Shepherd's Pie. Dave and Bill regaled the group with old war-stories about Trav's in the 1960s and 1970s. Back then, Trav's was way out in the woods, not to be “gentrified” until decades later. It was a biker hangout on weekends, where you could buy a beer at the bar for $1 each -or- you could buy a six-pack to go, walk outside, sit on their porch, and drink it. On Friday and Saturday night, fights broke out at the pool table, and the blood and the beer flowed equally. By the late 1980's, the yuppies had overrun the area. Read more of Trav's interesting history here.

Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds