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2015 Chapter Road Ride

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This year's Highlands Chapter Road Ride was centered in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a place chock full of history. We were there to ride motorcycles, so we saw few of the historic attractions. Friday's ride took us through scenic countryside to our destination, the Harley-Davidson factory in York, Pennsylvania. We toured the factory, and saw a good deal of how a modern Harley is built.

Friday's ride started out from the hotel, but we quickly hit our first Stop Sign when Steve Geissler's Indian mysteriously mangled its distributor rotor. Steve begged a ride on the chase vehicle, and went in search of a roto for his 65-year-old Chief. He miraculously managed to find one, and rejoined the group mid-afternoon at the restaurant in York.

Friday's destination was the Harley-Davidson Vehicle Operations Center in York, Pennsylvania.

Lunch followed at the White Rose Bar and Grill in downtown York. For Bike Weekend, the city of York closes down the downtown area for a big party. Many streets are motorcycle parking only, which means that automobiles circle endlessly looking for a parking space, which means slow-moving traffic throughout the downtown area. We enjoyed an excellent lunch of the largest sandwiches you ever saw, and then headed back to Gettysburg, swinging past the White Rose Motorcycle Club, home of the Hillclimb, and the Chesapeake Chapter's annual Swap Meet. The weather got colder and colder the further we rode.

Friday night dinner was at O'Rorke's Eatery & Spirits. Sorry, no photos.


Saturday started out with warmer weather, and big plans for riding past Raven Rock Mountain Complex (Site R, the alternate Pentagon), the Naval Support Facility, Thurmont (Camp David), the now-closed Fort Ritchie, (formerly provided administrative support for Site R), and Letterkenny Army Depot. However, our plans quickly went awry. Not too many miles out of Gettysburg, we hit the effing Pippinfest - miles and miles of flea market along Pennsylvania Route 16 - which slowed traffic to an exasperating crawl.

Finally, we were Pippin-free, but then disaster struck Mike and Lyn Mueller's Panhead. It wasn't until after we had loaded the bike up on George and Nancy Odgen's emergency support vehicle that Mike figured out the problem - a clogged oil passage at the lifter blocks. After unloading, we continued on our much-delayed way.

Way behind schedule, we quickly toured past Site R, skipped the Camp David runby, and made a beeline for our lunch destination, the John Allison Public House in Greencastle, Pennsylvania. After lunch we rode hard to complete the remainder of our ride.

Saturday night dinner was at Dobbin House Tavern. Sorry, no photos.

Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds