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Ladies Day Brunch

St. Valentine's day is much too cold, so we treat the ladies by taking them for a ride on a warm spring day.

Attendees were Juan and Shirley Sakata, George and Nancy Ogden, Bill Potter and Elyse, Mike and Lyn Mueller, Danny Burns, Craig Williams, Tom Hardy, Gabby Whetzel, Bill Lackman, Rob White, Bob Nicholas, Jim Pape, and Dave Hennessey.

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First on the agenda is lunch at Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton, Virginia. This is such a nice place, we go back every year. The girls' food and drinks are paid for by the boys, courtest of the Chapter's treasury. (And we wonder why the treasury is always broke...)

Next, we took a nice long ride through the Virginia countryside to the quaint little village of Lucketts, where, as usual, nothing is happening. We then headed west to Purcellville, Virginia, where stopped in at the Cacoctin Creek Distilling Company for a shot of rye whiskey.

We then headed west again, to Bluemont, Virginia, where Dirt Farm Brewing opened just a week before we arrived. They were still operating from a 1/3 barrel (10 gallon) system, while finishing up the details of their 10 barrel (300 gallon) system. Needless to say, their brewmasters were busy!

We had a cold hand-crafted beer on their beautiful patio overlooking the mountains of the Blue Ridge. What a relaxing place to be. While the group was relaxing, Dave was buried in the brewhouse, trading recipies and techniques with the brewmasters - when it was time to leave, we had to pry him out with a crowbar.

We then cruised one of Virginia's most beautiful roads, the Snickersville Turnpike, back to Aldie, and thence to Gilbert's Corner, where we said our farewells, and headed to our homes.

Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds