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Griffin Tavern Ride

Griffin Tavern is one of our favorite places to ride for lunch, and we go there almost every year. Good food, good beer, and a ride through some of Virginia's good countryside. As usual, we started in Middleburg.

Attendees were Tim O'Hara, Rob White, Danny Burns, Mike Mueller, George Ogden, Tony Greenfield, Tom Hardy, Bob Nicholas, and Dave Hennessey.

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This year, we approached Griffin Tavern from a different direction - first we headed west to Front Royal, Virginia, where we passed by the not-so-terribly-secret government facility du jour, the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute. Then we headed south on US Route 522 to Flint Hill, Virginia, where we enjoyed a cold one on the patio, followed by Griffin's great food.

On the way back, we took the ever-popular (and twisty) Crest Hill Road back to Marshall, Route 55 to The Plains, and then Hollowell Road - a very scenic byway passing Kinlock Farm, to US Route 15, where we said our farewells, and headed to our homes.

Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds