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Open Road Show

Open Road Grill and Icehouse has really good food, and their selection of beer, particularly India Pale Ales, is second to none. We put on an antique motorcycle display there last year, and it drew marginal sectator participation. This year, Patriot Harley-Davidson (Thanks Jessica!) participated with us, by bringing their “Jumpstart” simulator. We had a good time, were treated to lunch, and enjoyed some of their beer selection. Unfortunately, the event was not well advertised, and spectators were few and far between.

Participants were Tim O'Hara, Mike Wheeler and Laurie, Jerry Hochreich, Mike Mueller, Steve Geissler, Tony Greenfield, Tom Hardy, Bob Nicholas, Don Hollis and Sue, Bill Potter and Elyse, Bill Lackman, Juan and Shirley Sakata, Bob Nicholas, Bob Nicholas, Joe and Tina Earman, Danny Burns, and Dave Hennessey.

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Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds