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Sock Wash – 2015
Henderson Re-Assembly

During Sock Wash 2014, we gathered at George Downes’ New Baltimore Garage and disasssembled a 1930 Henderson for major engine repair. For Sock Wash 2015, we simply reversed the process.

This year's Sock Soakers included: (left to right above) Bob Nicholas, Steve Geissler, Tom Hardy, Mike Mueller, Bill Potter, George Downes. Additional Washers included: (not shown) Tony Greenfield, Craig Williams, Tim O'Hara, Dave Sinex, and Dave Hennessey.

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The day started at 10am - coffee was consumed and doughnuts devoured. Then wrenches were ratcheted, and screws screwed. Bob and Mike were unhappy with the fit of the stainless steel exhaust system, and decided to majorly rework it with hammer and tongs. A mid-afternoon break ensued, with pizza polished off, and beer imbibed. This event's beer was Printer's Devil, a black-hued hybrid of India Pale Ale and Stout. This unlikely brew exhibited the malty sweetness and creamy head of a stout, with the citrusy hop flavors of a Pale Ale.

After some general foolishness, we got down to the hard work - wrestling the unit-construction engine and transmission into the frame. The rest was easy.

The wiring harness caused bafflement, and it was decided to forego battery power as the magneto provides the sparks. Fill her up with gas and oil. Only four kicks were required to initiate internal combustion, a feat which always causes considerable consternation to Harley riders. With the bike on the rear stand, Dave ran it through the gears.

We declared Victory, cleaned up the Grunge Emporium, and went home to our nice warm houses.

Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds