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Freeze Your Butt Off – 2014

Our annual Freeze Your Butt Off ride again led us across the river into Maryland. After traversing less than a mile into that state, we turned left and pulled into the Motorcycle Museum and Hot Rod Factory. We found the chief suspect, Bill Potter, hiding behind several 2-Cam JDHs. After mug shots and fingerprints, we decided (his offer of cold beer might have had some influence) to release him so he could give us the tour of his collection of motorcycles, cars, and memorabilia of every shape, size, and description.

The Riders: Tony Greenfield, Gabby Whetzel, Mike Mueller, Matt Pauly, Cliff Wicker, Tom Hardy, Hodge Harrison, Tom Holter, and Dave Hennessey.

The Drivers: King Troensegaard, George Downes, Joe Earman, and Juan Sakata.

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One Knucklehead, four Panheads, one Shovelhead, one Indian 841, one Triumph, and one Sportster braved the chilly low-40° temperatures. Quite balmy, actually, compared to the 20°s of the 2013 FYBO, and 30°s of the 2012 FYBO. Of course, as luck would have it, the mercury climbed to the low-60°s on the following day.

Once inside Billy's Barn, we were treated to warm air, cold beer, and a munificent manifestation of motorcycles and motoring memorabilia.

The David Taylor Model Basin provided the secretive U.S. Government facility du jour. Our rides often include a photo-op stop at one of these, since they're ubiquitous in our area. Bill's property adjoins this facility. We stopped our motorcycles at the old front gate on MacArthur Boulevard, where Dave Hennessey, an

employee emeritus

posed with the original 1939 gateposts.

Our short ride took us parallel to the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park. We skipped a visit to the Great Falls Tavern (no beer there), and proceeded to the nearby town of Potomac, where we stopped at the Hunter's Inn for hot food and more cold beer.

Good Roads, Good Friends, Iron Steeds