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Car Show Ride

eXcellent XLCHs  v.  Plethoric Panheads

September's Ride pitted Bob and Dave's eXcellent XLCHs against the Plethora of Panheads owned by an increasing number of Highlands members. The challenge included traversing the roads of rampant housing developments of Northern Virginia, as well as travelling through some pretty countryside. A formidable blockcade on the route presented a further challenge. As the Prince of Denmark never said:

Whether 'tis Nobler in the mind to suffer
The Slings and Arrows of Magneto Sportsters,
Or to take Arms against a Plethora of Panheads,
And by opposing, end them?

We met at Chesapeake Café in Oakton, Virginia for coffee and bagels. After Dave sang a 20-year-old radio jingle to the assembled multitude, everyone was quite glad to depart and take the round-about route to our first destination, a car show in the newly-minted mini-town of Potomac Falls, Virginia.

A better-bottomed bagel is a better baked bagel
Pick one up today, turn it over and see
‘Cause a better baked bagel has a better bagel bottom
So pick one up today at Chesapeake Bagel Bakery.

After checking out all the neat cars, we headed towards our lunch destination in Great Falls, Virginia. That's when the trouble began. Bob's 1966 XLCH developed SS (Sputtering Symptoms), and being only a mile away, he rushed home and swapped it for his (gasp) Panhead. Dave's 1962 XLCH exhibited SSS (Severe Starting Syndrome) at every opportunity.

George's Panhead developed MMM (Missing Muffler Malady), and everyone doubled back to assist. Everyone except intrepid ride leader Dave, who busted the blockade, then turned around to find nobody behind him. Dave continued on the planned route, and ended up at Great Falls Tavern, while everyone else found their way to the Old Brogue, an Irish Pub a few blocks away. Craving companionship, Dave eventually mosied over to the Old Brogue, where he was summarily fired, yet again, as ride leader.

So, who won - the eXcellent XLCHs or the Plethoric Panheads? After a cold beer and a hearty Irish lunch, no one really cared.

Attendees: Joe Earman, Craig Williams, Rob White, Juan Sakata, George Ogden, Gabby Whetzel, Bill Potter and Elyse, Tom Hardy, Bob Nicholas, and Dave Hennessey

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