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Ladies Day Brunch 2014

Each year, we take the ladies out to a very nice brunch at Blue Ridge Grille – to thank them for putting up with us. The ladies' food and drinks tab comes out of the Chapter treasury — our better halves take the better half of our annual revenue.

This year's attendees: Dana and Bob Nicholas, Lyn and Mike Mueller, Nancy and George Ogden, Elyse and Bill Potter, Cindy and Tony Greenfield, Jennifer and Dave Hennessey, Jim Pape, Bill Lackman, Tom Hardy, Rob White, Juan Sakata, Jack Grabe.

After brunch, the group rode over to Reston, Virginia, for the World Police and Fire Games. Delicate feminine derrières mandated the use of modern bikes with soft cushy seats, so only two kick-start pedals were observed in today's line-up.

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