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February-March-April 2014

As you might expect, not much happens in the motorcycling world, except guys working in their garages getting ready for spring. The Highlands Chapter is no exception – we meet for breakfast one Sunday each month.

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February 16, 2014 — Old Salem Restaurant in Marshall, Virginia

The Breakfasteers: Gabby Whetzel, Bill Lackman, Tom Hardy, George Ogden, Rob White, and Dave Hennessey

March 16, 2014 — Wegmans Food Court, Gainesville, Virginia

The Breakfasteres: Tom Hardy, Mike Mueller, Rob White, Jack Grabe, and Dave Hennessey

April 13, 2014 — Pan Am Restaurant, Merrifield, Virginia

An unexpected spate of warm weather brought the bikes out in mid-April. We noshed at the Pan Am, and afterwards headed over to Open Roads Restaurant, a few miles away, to start planning for the show we'd do there in June. Attendees: Bill Potter, George Ogden, George Downes, Mike Mueller, Bill Lackman, Steve Geissler, Juan Sakata, Tom Hardy, Jim Pape, Rob White, Gary Corporaletti, and Dave Hennessey