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Sock Wash 2014

Sixteen members of the Highlands Chapter attended the annual Sock Wash, held each January at the New Baltimore Garage in Warrenton. They were: Bill Lackman, George Downes, Tom Hardy, Bob Nicholas, Mike Mueller, Jack Grabe, George Ogden, Gabby Whetzel, Jim Pape, Gary Caporaletti, Chip Brady, Dave Sinex. Rob White, Juan Sakata, King Troensegaard, Dave Hennessey and new recruit Steve Geissler.

We started with a hearty breakfast at the local Denny's. Then we tackled four projects (1) fabricating six cycle stands,(2) removing a Henderson engine from its chassis, (3) rebuilding King's carburator, and (4) repairing Mike's sheetmetal parts.

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Jack, Mike, Steve and Dave drove two miles over to Dave's garage where we removed the engine from a 1930 Henderson KJ. Once out of the chassis, we quickly located the problem - a bolt had loosened from the clutch pressure plate, tore a hole in the lower crankcase, and subsequently broken off. Repairing the hole in the crankcase will be easy, but repairing the pressure plate will require removing the transmission, crankshaft and flywheel from the engine. Ouch.

All this hard work required solid and liquid refreshment

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