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October Ride - 2013

October's ride turned into an unplanned Chill Your Butt Off ride, as the temperature made it only to the lower 50's.

King Troensegaard,  Rob White,  Bob Nicholas,  Tom "Rollo" Hardy,  Juan Sakata,  Mike "Wuss" Mueller,  Gabby Whetzel, George Downes, and Dave Hennessey gathered at George Downes' New Baltimore Garage.

The northern contingent was quite late in arriving since U.S. 29 had been closed due to a major accident, and I-66, the alternate route, quickly became a parking lot. The southern contingent munched doughnuts. En route, Bob's new Panhead developed a case of spongy brakes. We polished off the rest of the doughnuts while George and Wuss assisted Bob in fixing the problem.

We finally got underway, and headed to Dave and Jennifer's Hennessey's home, a scant two miles away.

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Departure Point
Bob Disassembles
George Pumps, while ...
... Bob Is Bleeding
It's This Much Better

Our intrepid ride leader got confused at the first turn, and made a right instead of a left. We soon found ourselves travelling a dirt and packed-gravel single-lane road along a stream bottom in the deep woods.

Down By The River
“I Took The One Less Travelled By”

Our ride leader deftly corrected, and soon we found ourselves parading down Main Street in old town Warrenton, Virginia. We found a convenient spot on Ashby Street, where we stopped to figure out exactly why it had taken us over twenty minutes to travel just six miles.

Old Town Warrenton

We turned west (instead of north), headed out of town, and found ourselves passing horse farms, cow farms, and a whole bunch of nuthin', following twisty country roads, but at least they were paved twisty roads. We thought we might have reached Kentucky, but the ride leader found a narrow, twisty shortcut over the mountain. We emerged at the entrance to the Warrenton Training Center where we took a short rest stop. We asked if we could have lunch in their cafeteria, but unfortunately, everyone had left their TS/SCI security clearances at home.

Where's the Cafeteria ?
Guards and Dogs
The Men In Black

We continued down Bear Wallow Road back back into Warrenton, about a mile from where we had left it. After a quick gas stop, we again turned west (instead of north), and soon were back in the woods, passing by the Warrenton Reservoir. We threaded our way through the stone walls and beautful waterfall at Airlie Center.

Airlie Center - Stone Walls
Airlie Center - Waterfall

Finally, we turned north, and another half-hour later, found ourselves at our destination, where Jennifer Hennessey had a feast waiting for us. Dave grilled up the burgers and hot dogs, while everyone else sampled some of the four beers available on-tap.

Jennifer Has Lots of Mouths To Feed
King Leans Under the Sneeze Guard
Broad Run Brewing's Tasting Room
Ein Prosit - Gabby and Rob
Tim and Bob Getting a Tan
George Lets Out Steam
Tim Cracks Up - King Smirks - until ...
... Jennifer Invades the Garage

Two Hours to go Two Miles !!!   The riders voted unanimously to never, ever allow Dave Hennessey to be ride leader again. Ever!

The Shortcut

As the sun got lower in the sky, the temperature started dropping, and all too soon, the party was over.

Wuss Bids Adieu to Sweetie
Bob – It Was This Much Fun

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