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2013 Road Run - Cacapon, West Virginia

Main Formal Portraits Attractions Saturday

The participants were: Bob and Dana Nicholas, Tom “Rollo” Hardy, George and Nancy Ogden, Mike “Wuss” and Lyn Mueller, Bill Lackman, Juan and Shirley Sakata, Tim O'Hara, Michael “Hodge” Harrison, Bill Potter and Elyse, and Dave Hennessey.

This year's Road Ride might have been called The Comedy Of Errors, as just about everything that could go wrong did. On Thursday afternoon, Wuss Mueller was riding out on his 1966 Panhead, but had only gone as far as Leesburg when it it started making terrible valvetrain noises. The dealer there was only a few blocks away, so he dropped it off, and hitched a ride with Tom Hardy who was following him.

Thursday at 5pm, we gathered for cocktail hour at George and Nancy Ogden's motor home, which was parked at the restaurant just outside Cacapon State Park.

George and His Plumbing Part
George, Wuss, Shirley, Juan
Juan, Rollo, Bob, Dave
I Finally Caught You, Nancy

Thursday night, we walked 50 feet to the Homestead restaurant which cooked up hearty meals for the early-arrival crowd.

Right: Juan, Shirley, Bill
Right: Nancy, George, Wuss, Rollo

After a hearty breakfast at The Homestead on Friday morning, we headed to one of the lakes in Cacapon State Park for some formal portraits of our motorcycles.. See them here. Bob Nicholas had brought an emergency backup motorcycle, his 1969 Sprint, and Wuss reluctantly agreed to ride it on Friday. Panheads predominated! Bob rode his newly acquired Panhead, and George rode his newly assembled Panhead. Juan rode his Panhead. Wuss did not ride a Panhead.

"I Kinda Like This Sprint"
George's New Panhead
Ed's UA At The Lake
Mike Pointing
Bob's New Panhead
Bill Riding His Softtail

We rode out to Slanesville, our lunch destination, via a roundabout route criss-crossing the Virginia - West Virginia border. We stopped at some local “attractions”, which you can see here. We managed to lose Shirley and Nancy along the way, but found them in time for lunch.

The weather forecast for Saturday was 80% chance of precipitation, so during lunch we decided to extend our Friday ride to cover some of Saturday's route - to Paw Paw, and then Route 9 to Berkeley Springs. Then we got a call from Bill Potter who had blown a tire on his Valkyrie near Winchester, and he and Elyse were stuck on the side of the road. Wuss called Lyn, who was driving separately, and as luck would have it, was just approaching Winchester, and she gave Elyse a lift to Cacapon.

Meanwhile, the riders tried to resume their original Friday route back to Cacapon, so Bob and Dave could head to Winchester on the rescue mission. Our departure was delayed when Wuss murdered yet another motorcycle - Bob's Sprint. The Sprint went in the back of the truck, and Wuss went in the back seat.

The Lineup at Slanesville

We caught up with immediate past-president “Hodge” late Friday afternoon, after returning from the ride

Ed Watches Hodge Go Backwards

Dave's reservations got messed up, but he was able to wrange a 6-person cabin for one night - gratis, and a lodge room for Friday and Saturday. Since Wuss was not only bikeless, but also homeless on Thursday, Dave took him in for the night. Hodge switched from his cabin to a lodge room after he found a black snake in his cabin. Dave then switched from a lodge room to Hodge's old cabin after Cacapon agreed to make it snake-free.

Dave's Free 6-person Cabin
Hen:1930, Cabin:1933, Dave:1952
I May Be Homeless, But I Got Beer
Rodin's Other Model

Dinner was scheduled for the Angus & Ale restaurant on US 522 near Berkeley Springs. Cocktail hour was extended while the diners waited for Bob and Dave to return with Bill.

Lyn's Not Camera-Shy
Mike's Head Explodes
Bill and Elyse
Dana Speaks With Her Hands
Dana Looks Quite Pleased
Ed, Rollo, Dave
Dana and Bob
George and Nancy
Mike, Lyn, Juan, Shirley
Bob and Bill
Lynn Signals For A Turn
Main Formal Portraits Attractions Saturday