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Spirit Equine Charity Bike Show - 2013

Rob's Used Harley Parts puts on a bike show each year to benefit Spirit Equine, which provides horse therapy for handicapped children. The Highlands Chapter supports this effort. Members Rob White, Dave Hennessey (President), Bob Nicholas (Vice President), Tom "Rollo" Hardy (Membership Contact), Mike "Wuss" and Lyn Mueller (Membership Contact), Juan and Shirley Sakata, Jim Pape, Gary Caporaletti, Gabby Whetzel, and George and Nancy Ogden participated this year.

Ray and Patty Williams, Tom and Jen Arthur, Bill Burns, and Skip Schultz displayed their bikes. They have participated in other Chapter events. but we haven't lasso'd them into membership quite yet.

This annual show is held at the Moose Lodge in Vienna, Virginia, and features several live bands, headlined by The Nighthawks. We're patiently waiting for Mark Wenner (Chesapeake Chapter) to play harmonica astride his Crocker. The Moose provided a barbeque lunch. Hoardes of modern and custom bikes attended the show. Everyone had a good time, and Spirit Equine received a check to help continue their good works.

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Rob White Hoists Signage
Wuss Is Always Polishing Something
Rob and Gary
Boston the Show Manager
Band #1
Watching The Band
99999, 99999, and 68755
Jim Pape Goes Modern
Bob Hoists Our Tent
Rollo and Bob Relaxing
One Custom Bike
Another Custom Bike
General George
Motorcycle Drink Holder
George and Nancy
Cockatoo? Cockatiel?
Patty and Ray Williams
Rollo and Lyn
Gary Gets Liquid
Nancy, Jen, Shirley
Show Us Your - NOT YOU !
Bob Gets Diagonal
Mark Wenner Goes Up In Flames
The Nighthawks - Band #3
Jim and Lyn
Romeo and Juliet
Lyn, Melnee, Debbie
Rob Dances With Lyn
Gabby and Rob
Girls Like Hendersons
Prize Winners
Bob Nicholas
George Ogden
Juan Sakata
Mike "Wuss" Mueller
Gary Caporaletti
Tom Arthur
Bill Burns
Jim Pape
Dave Hennessey
Dave Again