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Wauseon 2013

Attendance at AMCA swap meets is not an official Chapter function, but this year eight Chapter members went, so we put them in the Gallery. They were: Bob Nicholas (Vice President), George Downes (Treasurer), Bill Lackman, Tom "Rollo" Hardy, Mike Mueller, Flathead Ed, George Ogden, and King Troensegaard.

"The Eight" met up with old friends Ken Kephart, Fred (Great Plains chapter president), and Phil, who served in the U.S. Army with George Downes. George and Phil both achieved the ulta-high rank of Specialist 4.

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Ken with "The Eight"
Mike and Flathead Ed .
Ken, George D., Bob
George O, King, Ken
Rollo and Mike
Mike's Fancy Bifocals
Ken and George D. Hunting
Ken and George D. Posing
Fred, Phil, King
George D. and Phil