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Christmas Party 2012

We held our annual Christmas Party at P.J. Skidoos. This was the same location as last year, but there were some changes. The Club treasury fed the teaming masses with two huge appetizers served buffet-style — Swedish meatballs and crudités. Not only that, we also provided one free liquid refreshment to each attendee.

We had a great time, eating and drinking and talking. It's always great to see many of our spouses who don't generally participate in our antique motorcycle activities. We hope to see all the girls again in April for one of our newest annual traditions, the Ladies Day Brunch.

Participants included Dave and Jennifer Hennessey, Bob and Dana Nicholas, George Downes, Tom ‘Rollo’ Hardy, Mike and Lyn Mueller, King Troensegaard, Dave Sinex, George and Nancy Ogden, Bill Potter and Elyse, Rob and Courtney White, Juan and Shirley Sakata, Jack Grabe, Gary Caporaletti, and Gabby Whetzel.

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It's Thiiiiis Big
Mike Eats while Bill, Lyn and Gary Talk
Top Row: Rob, Gabby, Jack and Rollo
Jack, Rollo, Dana, Juan, RobWife
Right: Dave, Gary, GeorgeD, King
Dave Sinex and King
The Group and The Banner
Mike Is Scheming Something
Lyn's Leaving
Rob and Gabby under the Signs
The Group
The Group Poses With The Banner