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Freeze Your Butt Off 2012

We Succeeded

Ten guys with no nerve endings rode out on Saturday, November 24, 2012. The weather gods knew we were riding, so they dropped the temperature to just above frigid. It was 32 degrees when Club Vice President Bob Nicholas left his house. Two separate groups of riders met up at Bill Potter's house at 11:00 AM. King Troensegaard agreed to drive the chase truck for the event. Luckily nobody had serious enough problems to warrant a ride home in the truck.

Twelve of us ended up at Bill Potter's motorcycle museum and hot rod factory. We all enjoyed a long tour of his shop and collections. Bill provided us with cold beer, but for some strange reason, there was a deficit of interest. Many thanks to Bill for hosting the event.

A Forty Year Reunion - this was a special treat for Flathead Ed. Back in the 1970s, Ed Bauer sold two VL's to a guy and his father in Maryland. Just recently, Ed found out that the guy was Club member Bill Potter. Ed travelled up from his new home in North Carolina, froze his butt riding his new Sportster, and was rewarded by being reunited with one of his long-lost VLs.

Tom “Rollo” Hardy led the riders to Listrani's, a nice Italian restaurant down MacArthur Boulevard in D.C. This was Jack Grabe's second time participating in a Highlands Chapter event, so during lunch his name was put up for nomination into the club. He received a unanimous “yes” vote. We welcomed Jack into the Highlands Chapter.

Other particpants were Past President ‘Hodge’ Harrison, Mike ‘Wuss’ Mueller, Gary Caporaletti, George Downes, Gabby Whetzel, Rob White, and Dave Hennessey piloting the Buick.

After a nice warm Italian meal, Rollo led the group back to Virginia via Chain Bridge and everyone found their ways home. A freezing, time was had by all.

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King, Wuss, Bill , Rob, Dave, Hodge, Gary
New Member - Jack Grabe
One of Ed's Former Flatheads
Cold Men, Cold Steel
Wuss's Cold Butt, Dave, Jack
More Cold Men
Wuss, Dave, Jack, Gabby
1932 Ford Hot Rod
Bill's Toys
1928 Lincoln Phaeton
Hot Rod Horsepower
2-Cam Billy
Jack, Rob, King, Rollo
Hodge and Gary
George Looks Frozen
But a Coors Warmed Him Up
Bob, Wuss, Rollo, Gabby
Gary Exhibits Layering
Gabby and Bob
The Group
Got The Signs In The Picture
The Group Hugs A Hot Rod
Nasty Day for a Breakdown
Bill Gives Directions
Mike, King, Ed, Bill, Gary, Rob
Jack, Hodge, Wuss
Dave and Bill
Vintage Horsepower
Aww, It's So Cute
Inside Cute
Rollo, Gabby, Rob
Someone Left On The Light