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2012 Ladies Day Brunch

The First Annual Ladies Day Brunch was held at the Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton, Virginia. The food was delicious - definitely a step up from our normal fare, and the restaurant was quite nice. We had to dig into the chapter treasury to pay for the ladies' meals, but we were amply rewarded with happy ladies!

Attendees included Dave and Jennifer Hennessey, Bob and Dana Nicholas, Mike Mueller and Melnee (standing in for Lynn Mueller), George and Nancy Ogden, Jim Pape and friend Patti, Tim and Suzie O'Hara, Rollo, Bill Lackman, and Rob White and friend Gary Cappelletta.

Hot and Rain were in the forecast, so most members rode newer bikes. A little bad weather doesn't phase Rob and Gary, who both rode Panheads. After brunch, our newest member.

Bill Lackman volunteered to lead Sunday's ride. Wuss suggested a trip up to Charlestown to play the ponies. Everyone agreed. The riders were: Bill, Mike and Melnee, George and Nancy, Bob and Dana Nicholas, and Rollo.

We had a great ride up to Charlestown. After parking, a ten-minute walk through the casino got us to the racetrack. Wuss got a hot-tip from a track local — "Little Feet" to Win in the fifth. Wuss, Melnee, and Dana placed small bets on "Little Feet", and she came in first at 11-to-1. The slot machines were not so rewarding, and the winnings evaporated. Regardless, everyone had fun. It was Wuss's idea, but thanks to Bill, we made it there (and back) - without getting lost.

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