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2012 Sock Wash
The Sock Wash was held at the Grunge Emporium, courtesy of George Downes
This year's projects were boring Tim O'Hara's Indian Chief cylinders .010" to fit new pistons, and lapping in new valves.
We tested Bob's Sportster magneto. We riveted Rollo's Knucklehead intake nipples.
After the motorcycles were all fixed, George used his Bridgeport mill to fix Dave's "yard trailer".

George Explains Pistons

George Shows Us How To Hone

Tim Honing his Chief Cylinders

Measuring The Bore

Bob's Turn

Cliff Takes A Turn

Bird's Eye View

A Riveting Experience

Dave, Rollo, Jim, Shanks

GeorgeO and Rollo

Rollo and Chip

Group Blabbing