From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Christmas Party Udate - Clydes Out - PJs In Date:Mon Jul 6 16:32:51 2015

We've been in contact with both Clyde's and PJ Skidoo's regarding this year's Christmas Party.

Things have changed at Clyde's since our last event. They have established a minimum charge for room rental, meals and drinks. Assuming we have our normal contingent, it would run about $77.00/per person before tax and gratuity. That is way more than we normally spend.

The Christmas Committee has nixed Clyde's in favor of your runner-up choice, PJ Skidoos in Fairfax, VA.

PJs doesn't have a minimum charge, their meal costs are reasonable and they seem, in general, a lot more flexible.

PJs was very anxious to have us return to their establishment.

We made reservations for Saturday December 12, 2015.

Our Meet-and-Greet will start with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres at 6 PM.

As is our custom, The Chapter will buy your First Round. After that, you will be on your own. The bar is conveniently located within staggering distance from our tables.

Tentative plans are to have dinner served around 7 PM.

We'll be presenting the banquet menu choices when we gather at this Sunday's Ladies Day Brunch. We will need to decide on three entrée choices. Salads, tea, coffee, rolls and desert will be included with your choice of meals.

See you all on Sunday at the Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton.