From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:FINALLY!!!! Blast From The Past is on!!!! Date:Wed Jul 1 16:54:44 2015

I finally heard back from Patriot this afternoon and Blast From The Past is on!!!!

All systems are go for the 6th Annual BFTP on Aug. 8th. Basically every thing is the same as in previous years.

Ever one is encouraged to be there by 10 am at the latest and have your bike ready to display. Dave will have the bike placards and wood blocks with the make model etc. info. for whatever you are bringing. Please get with Dave if you are bringing something for which he does not already have the info. The Nighthawks will be playing and they will have food vendors there as well.

We will be having a post event pool party and cook out at George and Nancy Ogden's. I'm sure Nancy could use some help and some side dishes to augment her efforts so please fell free to touch base with her or George on that.

I assume that our brew meister extrodinaire Herr Hennessey will be providing some of his micro batch craft brews for all to enjoy.

I hope to see a lot of you all to display bikes and then enjoy a relaxing tussle in the pool with Shamu the Killer Whale at the Ogden's pool side grotto.

The date is Saturday Aug. 8th 10 am at Patriot to be continued at the Ogden's afterwards. This is one of our signature events and a good recruiting opportunity as I'm sure some of you have found out as you are now HCAMCA members!!!!