From:Matt Pauly
Subject:RE: RE: Christmas Party - Get the Vote Out Date:Wed Jun 24 10:04:47 2015
Response to:990
I vote for Clydes.

In looking at the prices, menues and distances my vote is Clydes first and PJ's second. We have been to both before but the two others seem a little pricy to me and not all members will fell comfortable with them or their menues. I have eaten at both but think they just might be a little high brow for us. JMHO.


Calling All Motor-Voters,

We've had five folks respond with their votes for venue for our 2015 Christmas Party. We need the rest of your votes. The polls close on Tuesday June 30, 2015.

The choices are:

Clyde's - Ashburn, VA
P.J. Skidoos - Fairfax, VA
Tuscarora Mills - Leesburg, VA
Magnolias - Purcellville, VA

Clyde's currently has the most First Choice votes.
Tuscarora's has the most Second Choice votes.
Magnolia's has a couple of First Choice votes.
P.J. Skidoo's has one Second Choice vote.

The margins are pretty small right now, your vote still counts.

I'll start contacting the restaurants as soon as we have all the votes tallied.