Subject:RE: Ladies Day, Christmas Dinner, etc. Date:Mon Jun 22 19:38:28 2015
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1st choice Clydes 2nd choice Tuscaroras

We had a great time riding to Griffin Tavern last Sunday, and had a short business meeting. Welcome new member Danny Burns! Please read the meeting minutes at the link below.

Wake up! Two items of importance.

First - our annual Ladies Day Brunch, to be held at the usual spot, Blue Ridge Grill in Brambleton on Sunday, July 12, at 10:30 am. The ladies really enjoy this outing as their bill is paid for by the Chapter.

Second - There are only 182 shopping days until our annual Christmas Party on Saturday December 12, 2015. We need to pick the restaurant - and YOU get to VOTE for your favorite candidate. Please CAST YOUR VOTE either on the Exchange or by email to (remove all but one @) or by phone 703-508-9877

The Polls close on June 31, so VOTE NOW.

* Clyde’s in Ashburn, VA
* Tuscarora Mills in Leesburg, VA
* Magnolias in Purcellville, VA
* P.J. Skidoos in Fairfax, VA

PJ Skidoos: