From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Upcoming Events Date:Mon Jun 22 12:31:46 2015
I've updated the WHAT WE DO page of the website. If you still see some old info, hold down shift and click your browser's refresh button.

Our next event is the Ladies Day Brunch on Sunday, July 12.

August 8 is the Blast From The Past at Patriot, followed by the Ogden's Pool Party. As in previous years, Dave and Mike will attempt to subdue the killer whale, and make the waters safe for swimming. Bring your bathing suit!

August 16 is a ride to somewhere. We need suggestions for a destination. Where would you like to go? Give me some ideas, and I'll work out a route.

I've already planned the ride route for our October "Two Mile Ride" and Burger/Beer Fest. I rode the entire route yesterday. It's Panhead-friendly and Sportster-safe.