From:Rob White
Subject:Kensington Bike & Car Show Date:Mon Apr 13 18:43:17 2015
Yesterday Sunday , Myself and some other members of the Highlands chapter of the AMCA rode our vintage bikes over some very rough roads dodging pot holes all the way from Fairfax Va to Kensington MD to their annual Car & Bike show featuring the "World Famous Nighthawks" . I think I can speak for everyone when I say we all had a great time. We arrived there at aproximately 11:30 or so and when I parked my 51 Panhead I accidently left the key switch in the on position. Everyone was ready to leave about 4:30 or so and you guessed it my battery was stone cold dead. The gas station only had a 12V charger so luckily Mark Wenner was kind enough to go back to his house and get his 6 V motorcycle charger . Mike "Wuss" Mueler stayed behind as the rest of the club left to make sure I got going and home safley .I want to extend a big THANKS to Mark Wenner and a Special THANKS To Mike "Wuss" Mueller for being such great friends ! Rob White