From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:April 18 - Open Road Show Date:Fri Mar 27 18:46:21 2015
Get your bikes cleaned up for the April 18 Open Road show - this is a great opportunity to display our bikes at a great event.

Rollo and I met with Rachel (Open Road) and Jessica (Patriot HD) this morning. Both Open Road and Patriot will be be actively promoting the show through their own customer networks. Open Road will be creating some flyers and promotional materials. Patriot will be bringing their Ride Simulator which is a a trailer with dynamometer rollers so that people can "drive" a new Harley.

The Highlands Chapter needs to promote this event to everyone we know in the motorcycle community. So tell your friends to come to Open Road on April 18 between 11 and 4, "ride" a new Harley, check out the display of antique motorcycles, network with other motorcycle aficionados, and enjoy Open Road's great food and wide selection of yummy beer.

APRIL 18, 2015 - 11am to 4pm
Open Road Grill and Icehouse
8100 Lee Highway
Falls Church, VA 22042

Web site:

As soon as the flyers come together, I'll let you know so we can start distributing them.