From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:It Runs, No Drips, No Errors (...Well a few Errors) Date:Tue Mar 24 08:22:35 2015

We got the 65 Panhead back together yesterday evening. As of this morning, there weren't any oil drips on the garage floor.

Rollo, Wuss and Craig came over on Sunday to help with the reassembly. They hung in there all day. By the time they left that evening, the reassembly was 95% complete.

Unfortunately, I found the transmission maninshaft spacer key laying in my drip-pan while I was cleaning up my shop. This miniscule part must have fallen out when I was installing the chain sprocket.


That meant that I'd have to tear down the entire primary again.

To make thing worse, Mike was hit by a drunk driver on the way back to his house. (He's fine, but his truck is a bit dinged up).

I woke up at 4 AM yesterday morning and re-read the HD service manual several times. I started the tear down at 6:30. By 7:45 I had it striped down all the way to the mainshaft spacer. (At least I'm getting better at tearing down the primary assembly).

In the process I discovered we had installed a cork seal on the clutch push rod that wasn't suppose to be on a 65' Pan. In addition,one of the seals on the clutch nut had popped its retaining spring. Rollo had a spare seal, so I went to his house to pick it up.

I phoned Tom Holter a few times during the assembly, just to make sure we were doing everything by the book.

Mike was able to come by in the afternoon to help me button-up and test the bike. We had a little trouble getting the new outer primary cover to line up with the inner cover. Mike was able to sort that out pretty quickly.

The Electra Glide started right up, ran fine and luckily the clutch seemed to be adjusted properly. The primary chain oiler was pumping oil out nicely (maybe a little too nicely). So far no leaks. I hope to get the bike out for a road test this evening.

Many thanks to Wuss, Rollo, Craig, Juan and Tom for helping me with this project.

Best Regards,