From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:Thank for helping with the '65 Date:Sun Mar 15 18:56:49 2015
I had a great birthday with my Highlands brothers. First, the chapter meeting and breakfast. Then Wuss, Rollo, Juan and Craig came to my house to work on the panhead. The guys stayed all day helping me getting to the mainshaft oil seal.

We found a weirdly sheared woodruff key. It seemed to have rewelded itself in a parcular shape. We also found several rotted rubber and plastic oil line. (Time to order some additional parts).

Wuss spent his day gofering for parts, cleaning the clutch and polishing parts. Tom was in charge of diseminating technical information from various parts and service manuals. Jaun and Craig shared their knowledge and jumped right into grit and grime. By the end of the day we were all pretty filthy.

Thanks to everybody for making my birthday so great.