From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:George - Successful Sock Wash Date:Sun Feb 22 20:31:12 2015
George Downes,

The Sock Wash was eminently successful. The Henderson arose from the ashes and purred nicely on the second kick!

After Hen arrived home (thanks VERY MUCH to Bob for helping me unload it, and push it through the snow into the garage), I found I had brought home a wayward wrench.

The wayward wrench is a Craftsman, Forged in U.S.A., 3/4 x 7/16 open end wrench. (And I was hoping for an open-end wench. But spelling has never been my strong point.)

I will return the offending item to you tomorrow...

Meanwhile, thanks to you for hobbling about in your leg cast wrapped in plastic bags - and hosting this event - this was definitely above and beyond!

Thanks to Bob and Mike and Steve and Tony for going into obsessive mode on the precise alignment of the exhaust system. You guys are insane.

And thanks to everyone who showed up to munch doughnuts, drink beer, eat pizza, and watch the insanity unfold.