From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:RE: SUNDAY Sock Wash - was RE: 2015 dues Date:Sat Feb 21 14:06:21 2015
Response to:949
Grunge George reminds everyone to BYOT (Bring Your Own Tools) tomorrow.

Hen chassis and engine are nice and dry in a bay at New Baltimore Garage, waiting for workers and supervisors to appear.

Dave has received detailed instructions on how to operate the coffee-maker, and will deliver doughnuts in the AM. Today, the pizza place has received a map of the delivery area at NBG. CO2 and tap are at NBG. Beer will be brought in the ante meridian. All is in readiness.

Hitch the reindeer to your sleds - and don't forget the dipstick heaters!


Yes, Virginia, there will be a Sock Wash this Sunday - 10 am at New Baltimore Garage. Bring yourself and bring your projects.

The good news is that it will be 48 degrees on Sunday!

Yeah, it will rain and snow and sleet before that, but we'll be nice and dry and WARM. And WARM means that we'll be hankering for some nice cold Printer's Devil to wash down the nice hot pizza.

See you there!

A Printer's Devil was an apprentice who got all the really dirty jobs - like cleaning ink from movable type, and then sorting the letters back into the type boxes. Covered with black ink, they looked like they came from the underworld.

Black IPA's were all the rage in 2012-2013, although I'm not sure why. Always après-garde, this intensely citrus and grapefruit IPA will be mightily disguised by the deep brown color and malty taste.

How about this fine ridin' weather we are having! Hopefully it will be over soon so we can roll 'em out and go for a putt!