From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:2015 chapter membership dues Date:Mon Jan 26 11:54:50 2015
New Year and new dues!!
Well due to some quirk of fate I managed to get enough votes to be elected you new treasurer. No body else ran!!!! Replacing George Downes , who did this job for many, many years, will be a learning experience but I will make it through some how.

The reason I am sending this is to remind those that have not paid their 2015 chapter dues to please do so ASAP. Our dues are due each January for the coming year. They are still $15 as they have been for a number of years. A lot of members attended the meeting at Denny's last weekend and most if not all paid up then but some did not attend and so were not able pay their dues. You can send checks or cash to me at:

Tom Hardy
3512 Cornell Rd.
Fairfax, VA 22030

Remember also that you are required to be a member in "good standing" with the National so if your National membership has or is going to expire this year or even last year please make sure you renew that as well. We have several members in that category and this is a requirement of the National to be a member of a local chapter. You can do this vie internet, phone or by mail. The info. to do so is on our web site and in the club magazine.

You have another chance to pay in person at the next meeting which is Feb 15 at New Baltimore Garage and is the Sock Wash where we will be working on Dave's Henderson. If anyone else has something they would like to bring as a project then please do so.

Again I would like to thank George for his years of service to the club as Treasurer and look forward to taking over these duties from him. Please pay you dues promptly as this is the clubs only source of revenue.

Take a look at the calendar on the web site to see what is coming up this year. New events will be entered as the dates become clear.

Thanks and safe and happy riding this year!!

Tom (Rollo) hardy