From:Bob Nicholas
Subject:RE: 2015 Calendar Date:Mon Jan 19 14:22:07 2015
Response to:937

Thanks for posting the calendar so quickly.

I looked up your 1752 trivia issue. Here is a link for those who have an interest in history.

The way I see it: If you got paid once a month, you won. If you got paid once a week, you lost.

It was great seeing everybody at the meeting on Sunday.

I'll try to get the meeting minutes to Dave ASAP.

See you at the sock wash.


The 2015 Calendar of Events is now available under "What We Do".

Click your browser's Refresh button if you still see past events on the WWD page.

Rides for the March and April events are temperature-dependent, but hopefully we'll have a nice warm spring.

Stay tuned...

P.S. The meeting on the third Sunday of September 1752 was cancelled. To see why, click the year at the top of the calendar, type-in 1752, and hit "Go". Jockey forward to September...