From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Meeting THIS SUNDAY - additional topics Date:Tue Jan 13 13:02:02 2015
Additional topics for this Sunday's meeting

2) Annual Sock Wash
The 2015 Sock Wash has been delayed, probably until February 14 or 15. If you have a project that would benefit from group participation, let us know. New Baltimore Garage provides machine tools and expertise, as well as a place for large, dirty work.

3) Patriot Show
The 2015 Blast From The Past will be August 8

4) 2015 Calendar Of Events
GeorgeO and MikeM will be meeting this week to firm up our calender of events for 2015, and will report at Sunday's meeting.

5) Open Road Show
Mike and Rollo will be speaking with Inga this week to see if there is interest in repeating the display at Open Road Restaurant in 2015.

6) Annual Road Run
We have not started planning the 2015 Road Run weekend yet, and we need substantive suggestions for a venue.

7) Restaurant Suggestions
We need suggestions for new restaurants for meetings. Particularly during the cold months, it requires a back room or area sufficiently large for our group. Know of such a place?

8) Ad Hoc Rides
While we plan an organized group ride once a month, there's room for ad-hoc, dis-organized rides during the warm, sunny months. Do you have suggestions on how to make these happen?

There's more - see you Sunday.

BTW - Denny's is on Route 29, about 2 miles north-east of Warrenton. 7323 Comfort Inn Drive, Warrenton, VA 20187