From:Dave Hennessey
Subject:Christmas Party - LAST CALL Date:Tue Nov 25 13:49:41 2014

If you're planning to attend our Christmas Party, but forgot to mail your check and entree choices - you must act NOW. Mail them to Bob TODAY, or hand-deliver to Dave at the FYBO.

We must pay in advance, and Bob will give Madigan's our entree list, and a check for the full amount on Monday.

So if we don't get your reservation by this weekend, there will be no food at the Inn, and you'll have to eat in a manger.

Attn: Highlands Christmas
Bob and Dana Nicholas
12396 Rock Ridge Road
Herndon, VA 20170

Dinner is $41 per person, and the entrée choices are:

Stuffed Flounder
Grilled Salmon
Chicken Breast
NY Strip Steak

P.S. Each guest’s first Happy Hour beverage is compliments of the Highlands Chapter.