From:Tom (Rollo) Hardy
Subject:2015 road run destinations Date:Sat Oct 25 16:21:25 2014

At the meeting we had last Saturday at Dave's house we brought up the issue of where and when to have our road run for 2015. I proposed several location and asked folks to think about them or other alternatives and be ready to vote for something at the FYB at Billy's in Nov.
Possible locations are:
1. Smoke Hole in WVA
2.Elkins in WVA
3.Berkley Springs in WVA
4. Natural Bridge in VA
5. Graves Mtn. in VA
6. Colonial Beach in VA
7. Gettysburg in PA
8. Jefferson/York in PA
9. Solomon's Island in MD

Some we have been to in the past and so know basically where we can stay, eat and rides. Others are completely new and we need to figure out accomodations, eat stops and ride routes. We will need help in working on new location logistics so need folks to volunteer on some of this. Please,please give this consideration so we can put together a quality road run experience. As the pic in our home page and gallery page shows we used to have a pretty good turn out including folks from up north and down south to add to the commraderie. Help us recapture that again.